Reading at Duality @ Inky Fingers Minifest

For many years I reviewed shows at the Edinburgh Fringe – this year I (technically) performed in one! And at a venue the Independent called the “coolest in Edinburgh,” no less. Unfortunately the Forest Cafe is set to close at the end of this month, though they’re hoping to find another venue, but in the meantime they have a very full August programme of events, including the Inky Fingers minifest of literary readings. I took part yesterday in an event organised by Duality, run by Alec Beattie, which also included Jamie McIntyre and Gill Hoffs who’d both read at Words Per Minute last month and who I was happy to see (and hear) again.

It was quite a long slot so I read The Real And The Not Real, a fairly long story about old women and fairies. I love this story, but I’m not entirely sure if it worked as a performance piece, I hope people could follow it – being a café, there was a bit of background noise (especially earlier on in the show, when a lot of lunches were being served). However, it was certainly good practice as after this I feel I could probably read anywhere! Afterwards we went to a pub in the Grassmarket and watched Alec do a ‘Flash Fiction Mob’ declaiming a story to passers-by – one of whom had been drinking for quite some time and didn’t really get the concept …


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