I won!

To my genuine amazement, my story The Ghost Marriage has been named the winner (Europe & Canada region) of the Commonwealth Short Story Prize!

I am delighted, of course, thrilled that the story is going to be published in Granta online, hopeful that this will lead to ‘Things’ but mostly … relieved. I’ve been calling myself a writer, carving out time to write, sending off stories, going to events, doing readings, boring people by telling them about my novel and generally trying hard to shut down that bit of brain that scoffs: yeah, right. You’ll never do it. And why would anyone care if you did? Winning a prize doesn’t kill off that voice, but it does gag it for a bit. And it’s wonderful to be able to tell friends, be congratulated and feel how pleased they are for me. I am basking, just for a bit, and it feels like those days when you’ve just finished a big piece of work or just sat a test or completed a contract and you’re free, free …

(Yes, I know I still have a lot to write. And I will. It’s a tremendous motivation to revise what I’ve already done and move on)

The list of regional winners – I love how varied we are, from an accountant in Lagos to a Jamaican environmental activist!

Interesting discussion of the prize on Radio 4’s Open Book with the fab Mariella Frostrup.

Official announcement of winners on the World Service’s programme The Strand

More details in Granta. Excuse the dodgy old picture with fringe.




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2 responses to “I won!

  1. Hi Marie! Good to hear from you. I’ll reply through email.

  2. Hello Andrea! Margaret and I met you last year at Shakespeare & Co, for the launch of Strangers in Paris. Remember us? Anyway, we read your blog from time to time and want to congratulate you on your award. How can we get a copy? And the writing retreat! Oh yes, we are jealous! I can’t remember the last time I went on a writing retreat. Oh yeah, I’ve never been on a writing retreat! Yes, you could say I’m jealous. Also, Margaret and I will be in Dublin just for a couple of days in the latter part of October and wondered if you were going to be there by some freak of a coincidence and maybe we could meet up and get that chance to take you and Ian out to dinner? After that, we are heading to Paris for the workshop at Shakespeare & Co, and the Monday night Spoken Word — all with that fantastic David Barnes!

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