I am a journalist, writer and tutor based in Glasgow, Scotland. I’ve been the Television Critic of The Scotsman newspaper since 2006 but don’t yet have square eyes. I have considerable experience writing for many different newspapers and magazines, mostly on arts-related subjects, and regularly appear on BBC radio. I also have seven years of teaching experience and have various upcoming adult education classes in literature and in creative writing at both Glasgow and Strathclyde Universities.

I’m currently working on a novel called The Ghost Marriage, which is set in 19th Century Shanghai. I also write short stories and some have been published in Gutter, Fractured West, the anthologies A Thousand Cranes (Cargo Press) and National Flash Fiction Day 2013, Enchanted Conversation, Pank, Luna Station Quarterly, Algebra and Granta, who introduced me as one of “the most exciting emerging talents in the world” (no, really, they did). I like performing my work, especially if people clap afterwards.

I live with my partner, a computer scientist, and our dog, an enthusiastic cockapoo. I like to eat cheese triangles, I love books and libraries more than anything else and I promise that I don’t usually begin every sentence with ‘I’.

To contact me, please leave a message here with your details and I’ll get in touch.

9 responses to “About

  1. Hi Andrea,

    I’ve just finished reading The Ghost Marriage, the regional winning short for The Commonwealth Short Story competition, and I’m inspired! It is a beautifully written piece, with cross cultural complexities woven subtly into it. It reads like a ethereal, contemplative meditation. I do hope to read more of your work!

    • Thank you so much, Ying, how kind of you to say so. As it happens I’ve had a lot of story rejections lately so your comment has boosted my spirits! Best wishes to you.

  2. Hi Andrea,
    I’ve just finished reading and translating your flash fiction titled Lost For Words into Arabic , and I’m going to put on my face book page. I hope this will not disturb you, if so please send me more of them.
    Best wishes

    • Hi. Yes, that’s fine as long as you credit the piece to me and I would appreciate a link added underneath to this site. Interesting to wonder how it reads in Arabic! I used to write for Arabic-language airline magazines so it’s actually not the first time. Glad you liked the story,

  3. Nana

    your words read like poetry. keep up the excellent writing…learnt a lot from
    ‘Ghost marriage’ short story

  4. Hi Andrea, would love to speak to you about submitting a story for our magazine, drop me an email if you can?

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