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A very nice review of my reading at WPM on Sunday. I’m really glad that changing the tone and pace as I read worked for this person at least – I was very conscious that it can be hard to follow a story which gives only half of a conversation (in part, there is also another bit which is an email as well as the stories within the story) so I was hoping this would be ok. Disclaimer: I’m a member of the Glasgow Writers Group but I’m not aware of having met Raymond.

He mentions that the numbers were slightly down on the usual, which is possibly because the event has had to move from Sundays to Saturdays due to changes at The Arches. I hope it picks up again. Still, I think there were probably around 30 people there, which isn’t too bad.


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Words Per Minute

I’m reading two stories today at Words Per Minute, a fine event run by lovely people. This is only the second time I’ve read in public so I have been really looking forward to it (/terrified) but unfortunately, I’ve been so ill this week that now all I want to do is survive …

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